The Computer-Based Math™ Education Summit—1–2 November 2012—The Royal Institution, London

Now in its second year, The Computer-Based Math™ Education Summit is fast becoming the hub of a major change in math education.

It will again bring together a broad cross section of leaders with a stake in math—from industry, technology, government, and education—to answer the question,"What are the steps to delivering Computer-Based Math education worldwide?"

This year's themes will include:

  • Society's Changing Needs for Math
  • Computer Science, Math, and ICT—Where Does Programming Fit?
  • Games, Competitions, and New Modalities for Learning
  • State-of-the-Art Technology for CBM
  • Is CBM Winning Over the Critics?
  • Assessment and CBM
  • STEM Skills for University and Industry
  • The Politics of Math
  • Prototyping a CBM Lesson
  • What's In, What's Out for the CBM Curriculum?

About the 2011 summit

In 2011 we started to answer the question, "In an era of ubiquitous computing, how should we rebuild math education from the ground up, to keep pace with and drive progress in the real world?"

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