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Anchoring Computational Thinking in Today's Curriculum »

What's the relationship among computational thinking, maths, coding and Computer-Based Maths? Conrad Wolfram's blog on the why, what and how.

Trialling Computer-Based Maths Resources: Virtual Workshop for Educators »

Click here for more information about the free webinar we ran on January 11, including video footage showcasing two of our CBM modules and demoing how these can be applied in your classrooms or homes, plus details of future planned events.

Computers liberated real-world maths from hand calculating to go far further and faster than anyone could have imagined. Now it's vital that educational maths stands on this automation too.
Conrad Wolfram | Founder computerbasedmath.org
In the last century, we led the world in connecting classrooms to the internet. Now we want to lead the world in rethinking education in the technology-driven world.
Jaak Aaviksoo | Former Estonian Minister of Education
ALU Elects Conrad Wolfram to Its Global Advisory Council »

African Leadership Unleashed, an innovative pan-African network of university campuses launching this year, has elected CBM founder Conrad Wolfram to its Global Advisory Council.

Have We Gotten Math Education All Wrong? | Huffington Post »

A conversation with CBM founder Conrad Wolfram about maths, historical pedagogical approaches and a challenging standstill across the education ecosystem.

School Math Is the Wrong Subject | AssortedStuff.com »

CBM founder Conrad Wolfram believes "today's educational math is the wrong subject". This article discusses Conrad's vision for maths and how today's subject is the wrong one.

Teaching Mathematics: Time for a Ceasefire | The Economist »

This article covers how technology and fresh ideas are helping pupils to learn and touches on how Conrad Wolfram and CBM are at the cutting edge.

Computer-Based Maths Education Summit »

Our fourth CBM Summit was a success, with speakers and delegates from all over the world engaging in a selection of panels, debates and interactive sessions at the Royal Institution of Great Britain.

Join Our Community »

CBM needs your support. We've built a solid intellectual, practical and broad-based foundation for this fundamental change to education, and education is notoriously hard to change. So we have lots to do!

I greatly admire your work, because it is so far ahead of the digital learning experiences that most countries offer their students.
Andreas Schleicher

What Crisis?

The importance of maths to jobs, society and thinking has exploded over the last few decades. Meanwhile, maths education is in worldwide crisis—diverging more and more from computational thinking–based problem-solving required by countries, industry, further education... and students. More »

Why Computers?

Computers are key to bridging this chasm: only when they do the calculating is maths applicable to hard questions across many contexts. Real-life maths has been transformed by computer-based calculation; now mainstream maths education needs this fundamental change too.

Why ComputerBasedMath.org?

Because we're unique in building a completely new, high-concept maths curriculum with computer-based computation at its heart—redefining maths as the anchor subject for computational thinking across all subjects, centred on real-life problem solving, not historical hand-calculating techniques. More »