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Computer-Based Maths for Parents

Most parents think their children could be doing better at maths. The question is, which maths?

Most school curricula have diverged from what's required for technical and less-technical jobs or even just everyday understanding. Yet this real maths understanding is crucial to success.

The key difference is how calculating is done. In the last 50 or so years, it got automated beyond previous imagination. That's led to us applying it in many more places, with harder problems to solve. Your children are entering that new world where maths is everywhere, as is computing power. Getting adept at problem-solving with Computer-Based Maths is the crucial skill, not hand calculating for simple problem solving.

Sometimes computers get applied to the same old traditional maths to assist learning. That may work better or worse than a teacher, but it doesn't solve the basic problem: having your child learn the right subject.

Resources you can use today

While we build CBM materials for you to try, here are a number of related activities that aren't CBM but will give a flavour of the technology and activities available in CBM lessons:


Wolfram Programming Lab

Wolfram Language

Wolfram Demonstrations Project


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